APPLE iPhone/iPad SSL Messages?

Post date: Jul 21, 2017 1:14:19 PM

The SSL certificates have to be updated every year and what you are seeing is related to that SSL update.

A new SSL certificate was applied to the email servers over a week ago and is valid to July 17, 2018 -- but Apple devices (Mac PC and iPhone/iPad etc) do not update these certificates automatically as do other systems.

There are two options: The easiest, albeit less secure, is to disable the SSL in your outgoing mail server settings; the second option is to remove and replace the SMTP (Outgoing) server settings.

Full instructions are provided on our help page:

Option 1: Disable SSL follow the steps to access the Outgoing Mail Server settings see #7 on the link above. Be sure to check the SSL on/off and the Port numbers!

Option 2: Also see step #7 above; but remove the existing SMTP settings, save, and then re-add the SMTP server details following step #7.

That should be it - it should verify and then ask you to accept the certificate - doing so will update it again for another year.

If this doesn't correct the issue please call us from a different telephone and we can step through the settings.